Anders Karlsson Interview
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Anders Karlsson Interview

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Here is Mr. Anders Karlsson's message about a successful and satisfied life.

1. Please introduce yourself.

Anders Karlsson is a Swedish entrepreneur and top networker in the Direct Sales industry. With over 20 years of experience and success at the field and also consulting some of the biggest companies in the industry he decided to start his own company. Living in Florida during winters and Italy spring and autumn the life of a dream became true by building an international Network. 3 kids and hos girlfriend Malin is travelling with him and enjoying the freedom of Network Marketing.

2. What was your motivation when you established your company?

Building your own company is not a decision over night. After years of looking for the next big thing, a customer focused and distributor oriented opportunity with high quality products at decent pricing was not easy to find. Finally the decision to start his new company gave him the opportunity to present an opportunity he could encourage others to build and believe in.

3. What is the speciality/innovation of your products?

Building a company around already existing  pharmacy sold and registered products with a unique delivery system (spray). With innovative Swedish BioScience and no alcohol Hand Sanitizer also adapted for cell phones and mobile devices with a customized app found in App Store and Google Play for free it helps people to stay healthy and have their cellphone clean. Sun Care & NoMosquito products also makes a perfect fit into peoples pocket and is nowadays sold at Vaccination clinics as “Travel Pack”. The credibility from Swedish bioscience combined with Pharmacies and professional doctors clinics give the independent partners a very easy pitch to their friends without having to explain or understand all science.

4. In what direction is the industry moving?

A polarisation between customer focused (long term) and recruitment based (short term) companies where the long term winners will be those not only offering a “customer program” but actually have products offered to end consumers at a price point where they will keep buying it over and over independently of any business opportunity.

Regulators and governments are going to implement more frameworks and it will be harder to not have a sound ground floor opportunity based on real sales than before. More transparency, more customers, valid products, reasonable pricing.

Also since most companies offer nutrition, detergents or cosmetics to be disruptive its important to think outside the box, bottle and

5. What things do you not like to do?

We are very much focusing on growth but still maintaining the culture of acquiring customers and not only show the compensation plan left and right. All people are not interested in a residual income but they still want to protect themselves from bacteria, sun and mosquitoes. We don’t want to scare our customers away hyping the opportunity. That is why we only talk about pocket money.

6. Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.

Building a network and hitting #10 income earner in a big US Direct Sales company.

7. Please share your vision.

Our vision is to offer a different opportunity on the market. Something everybody need, think is fun and can afford. We want to be smaller, simpler and more fun to work with. We don’t believe people need more stress and rules we want to be the FUN company with FUNCTIONAL products!

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